Monday, November 29, 2004


How to destroy democracy

Once upon a time, American government was of the people, by the people, for the people. Government existed because people wanted services that for some reason private enterprise did not provide, such as defense of the community, post roads, etc. In response, people gathered together to tax themselves in order to provide those services for themselves, and elected leaders from amongst themselves in order to oversee the actual implementation of what the community wished. This was called "democracy". And as a system of government, it was toxic to the Party. How in the world could we of the Party elite gain dominion over the sheeple, as is our rightful due, if the sheeple governed themselves?

As a response, we of the Party engaged in a multi-fold plan to corrupt this "democracy" and place the Party elite in charge as is their rightful due. This plan has multiple parts:
  1. Destroy the American educational system. Our first task was convincing liberals that the traditional rigorous curriculum, which fostered logical thinking and rationality, was "oppressive". Then we convinced the fundamentalist sky spirit cults like the Baptists and Pentecostals that public education was offensive to their cults because it fostered that evil "science" stuff. As a result, the sky spirit cults have taken over the school systems in many states and used that to water down the curriculum to the point where it no longer includes that rigorous "logic" and "rationality" stuff that is so toxic to Party propaganda, and instead turned into High Priests of Education passing down Received Truths into the ears of unwilling receptacles ("students").
  2. Destroy faith in government as a solution to people's real problems. This is working. The majority of Americans no longer believe that government is capable of providing services to them in a reasonable fashion. They believe this despite driving on government-financed highways to their jobs, relying on government-provided fire and police protection, etc... our Party commissars on hate radio and the editorial pages have indeed been working overtime with their propaganda that convinces people that government is incapable of solving people's real problems. And since our destruction of the school system no longer equips the sheeple with "logic" and "rationality", the sheeple are no longer capable of reasoning well enough to see through our Party commissar's hate and lies.
  3. Convince Americans that government is an alien imposition upon them, rather than being of the people, by the people, for the people. Once we convinced people that government could not solve real problems, this one was easy. For after all, if government does nothing for you, then all it is doing is taking taxes from your pocket in order to do... well, nothing. And surely nobody would agree to tax themselves in order to do... well, nothing, right? Thus we convinced people that government was an alien imposition upon them, rather than government being people drawing together to tax themselves in order to provide services not provided by the free market.

The result was gratifying for those of us in the Party. Since we were the only ones who believed that government was by the people, we were the only ones who bothered financing elections and running for office. And since the people as a whole believed that government was powerless to affect their everyday lives, they no longer held us of the Party responsible for the miseries of their everyday lives. Jobs gone overseas because that helps the bottom lines of we of the Party elite? Nothing to do with government! Health care expensive or unavailable because we of the Party elite wish to enhance our profits? Nothing to do with government. Yet at the same time, we of the Party are making sure that government is actually making health care expensive or unavailable, and is actually subsidizing exporting jobs overseas, since we know better -- we know that we can use government to enhance our lives. But the sheeple, in thrall to our Party commissars on hate radio and Fox TV and the editorial pages and etc., do not see this, because they lack the fundamental tools of logic and reasoning necessary to see this.

And so it is that we of the Party have gained our rightful dominion over the sheeple of the American provinces of Oceania. If the sheep looked up, they would see what we are doing to them. But the sheep never look up. Never. Their ignorance and blind faith in the Party's commissars is indeed a blessing for we of the Party!

Orwellianly Yours,
Karl Rove O'Brien, Bush's Brain

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