Sunday, November 14, 2004


Lies are the truths that sooth our animal soul

Human civilization can be viewed as the perfection of the art of the lie. The human animal appears to have a need for meaning, for purpose to its pointless existence of ingesting sustenance and evacuating feces, day in, day out, from birth until death, an explanation for the pointless futility of the ludicrously brief human life. All of human history can, in essense, be summed up as the search for the perfect set of lies, the set of lies which most sooth the human soul.

Throughout human history, there have been those who step up to the challenge and provide a set of lies that people want to believe, desire to believe, give their faith and trust to. Ludicrous sky spirit cults with holy scriptures that read like bad science fiction novels are but one of the many set of lies that have filled this need for domination over others on the part of the liars, and the need for meaning on the part of the faithful.

There are some who consider religions and the like to be "mind viruses", but there is nothing "viral" here, any more than it is "viral" that a pigeon, when presented with birdseed, will peck it. It is simply the nature of the organism. Just as a pigeon, if confronted by two alternate seed bowls, will choose the seed bowl whose seeds look most promising, a human animal, when presented with two sets of lies, will choose the set of lies that look most promising for filling the needs of the human animal. And just as the pigeon may choose the junk food popcorn rather than the healthy bird seed mix, so, to, may the human animal turn from one of the healthier sets of lies, like the set of lies entitled "The American Dream", towards a set of lies far more insideous and unhealthy, such as the set of lies presented by the evangelical sky spirit cults that reject reason and science and love in exchange for a set of lies that most soothe the human animal's need for hate.

If you would properly select the set of lies that will be most appealing to the human animal, you must understand the basic nature of the animal and what appeals to it. The human animal, luckily, has been studied reasonably well. Some of the traits that a good set of lies must address are:
  1. Hatred of those not part of the herd or clan: It is biological nature of all humans to hate all those who are Other. This trait can be suppressed by education and/or social pressure, but is always there, inbred at the biological level. By providing an Other for the human animal to hate, you fill this need.
  2. Exclusivity. The human animal has a need to feel that it is a member of an exclusive group, one which not all may belong to. Provide a set of lies that reassure the human animal that it is special, that it is the Chosen, and you fill this need.
  3. Purpose. The human animal has a need to feel that its existence has a purpose. Provide a set of lies that provide purpose, and you fill this need.
  4. Hope. The human animal has a need to feel that there is something besides the pointless life of quiet desperation that it spends its existence in. So your set of lies must provide some hope that there is a way out of the misery and squalor to a better place. Most of the sky spirit cults have some sort of "paradise" that "you" go to once you die that fills this need, for example.
  5. Explanation. The human animal is the animal that asks "Why?". Your set of lies should provide an explanation for why the human animal's plight is one of misery and desperation, and should, ideally, have a "catch-all" explanation for all disasters that befall the human animal, such as, for example, "it was Sky Spirit's will" (substitute name of appropriate sky spirit -- "God", "Allah", "Jehovah", etc. -- as desired).
  6. Laziness. The human animal wants the set of lies which require it to make the least effort possible to fulfill the requirements of the set of lies. Thus, for example, the sky spirit cults that require that their followers live virtuously and go out into the community and help those in need are losing members to the sky spirit cults that require their members merely to swear allegience to a dead man, at which point their misdeeds are washed away in a flow of the dead man's blood. (Ugh, DISGUSTING!).
And there are yet more, but I go on too long already. In any event, I believe that my point is made: the Party merely provides the human animal with what it wants. Thus we in the Party gain power and dominion over others as is our nature, while those who swear their fealty and obedience to us get what they want too: lies, bright and shiny lies, lies that give meaning to their pointless existence of misery and pain. Surely there could be nothing wrong with such a consensual exchange?

Orwellianly Yours,
Karl Rove O'Brien, Bush's Brain

Well done.
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