Sunday, November 14, 2004


On the existence of the Party

The Party exists not because of some overarching conspiracy, but because of human needs. If the Party did not exist, hate and fear and greed would lead people to create it. The Party, as such, is not a physical entity such as what you could touch or see or feel, or even a virtual entity such as a corporation or political party that you can send mail to. The Party is what happens when you, the people, want lies, want hate, want meaning in your pathetic little lives of quiet desperation, and turn towards those who would provide these to you. In a sense, the Party is a metaphor for the sickness at the heart of the American soul, a sickness that looks for easy excuses and scapegoats to blame for the misery and squalor of your daily existence.

If Rush Limbaugh did not exist... ah, but he does, and he does for only one reason: because he provides the lies that you, the American people, want to hear, the lies that give your life meaning. Men who desire wealth, who desire power, who desire dominion over others, will always migrate to these positions where they can then provide the lies you desire in exchange for your obedience and subservience. You, in essense, create the Party every day. Oh, not in the details. The details merely reinforce each other, like a neural network, striving towards the set of lies that gain the obedience and subservience of the most people. And one of those neural networks is inside your head, where, every day, your behavior is shaped by the lies that surround you and bathe you and cater to your every human foible and every human need.

I am Number Two. If Patrick McGoohan is Number Six, who is Number One?

Answer that, and you understand the nature of the Party, and how the Party, and those politicians and pundits who unwittingly channel it, came to power in the American provinces of Oceania.

Orwellianly Yours,
Karl Rove O'Brien, Bush's Brain

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